More About the Jewelry Materials

Silver Clay

My fine silver jewelry is made from a product called Precious Metal Clay (PMC)  which was introduced in 1990 by Mitzubishi, the Japanese car manufacturer. They patented a process in which minute particles of pure silver are blended with a non-toxic binding material to give it the consistency of clay.  When fired in an electric kiln at 1650 degrees Fahrenheit, the binder burns away and the silver particles shrink together leaving behind solid metal that is 99.9% pure silver.  The silver used in this process is recovered from discarded medical, computer and photography equipment, so not only is the jewelry made with PMC beautiful, it is kind to the environment as well.


From an artistic perspective, silver clay is a tremendously exciting medium. It can be molded, textured and shaped to create designs not previously possible with traditional silversmithing techniques. Textures as delicate as individual fingerprints can be captured, and complex three dimensional shapes can be formed,  all without using casting equipment.  My pieces are made by hand, one at a time, and no two pieces are exactly alike.


horse-jewelry-han-flying-horse-(1) 210x210

Fused Glass

While the art of glass making is centuries old, many of the techniques I use to create specific images in glass are very modern. I use  photosensitive materials to create silk screens and masks that allow me to paint and etch images on glass that I originally design digitally using computer graphics programs. I also take advantage of the chemistry of glass color, using iron oxide based inks to transfer detailed images onto glass prior to hand painting them.


001-glass catalogue 210x210


Sterling Silver Chains

Early on we made the decision to purchase chains and other findings (ear wires, machine made clasps, jump rings, etc.) from US companies rather than outsource to overseas producers. The silver chains you see here are the result of an extensive search to find domestic suppliers of the best chains at the best prices. From the tremendous variety of styles and weights that are available, we chose a selection of chains that set off our jewelry particularly well. If you are interested in a chain you don't see here, please let us know what you are looking for. We will do our best to find it for you.



 equestrian-jewelry-horsehoe-pendant-on-rolo-2-22-2013-12-46-044 295x295



The one-of-a-kind neaded necklaces and bracelets are created from a combination of stone, crystal and glass beads. The beads come from bead shops and shows, disassembled vintage jewelry, and treasures picked up from places I've visited when traveling. The specific materials in each piece are listed in the descriptions. I make the clasps and bead cones by hand from silver clay, so each piece is completely unique and distinctive. One rare occasions I use sterling silver findings from my personal collection, and identify



05-equestrian bracelets-007 210x210